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product design
& development

G3 Engineering Design is able to work within an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 compliant environment to perform product design services. Utilizing the best in class computer aided design tools, G3 can provide design services so that your proposed design can be tested to ensure it is able to meet market expectations as well as performance requirements. G3 Engineering Design is committed to providing excellent customer service in an effort to exceed your expectations.

prototype construction

G3 Engineering Design is able to build functional prototypes that bring the product design to life! There is nothing like being able to put a physical model of your design concept into the hands of the designer, stakeholders, or customers. All the computer generated models, all the mathematical calculations, all the pages and pages of mechanical drawings pale in comparison to the impact of having a working model in your hands.

contract manufacturing

Once you are fully satisfied with the results of the prototype testing and you feel that your product is ready to move into the next stage of development, G3 Engineering Design can deliver your product in quantities that meet you short term and long term needs. G3 can produce all the required documentation, critical to quality processes and procedures, and apply lean manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest quality product is delivered at the lowest possible cost.

Additional Services

proof of concept

proof of concept

Very often the initial design concept has to undergo a feasibility analysis before you can make a decision to commit further resources. Some of the questions answered in a feasibility analysis can be found here.

custom automation

custom machine design

For those customers who already manufacture an existing product or product lines, G3 Engineering Design can provide you with a customized solution and specific help in implementing your Lean Manufacturing Plan. Let us show you how to reduce your costs and increase your profits... GUARANTEED.

How It Works

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sign a binding nondisclosure agreement

step 2

meet face to face; schedule a visit

step 3

G3 will develop a plan to meet your needs

Before we speak about any specific detail of a product that requires further development, both you and G3 Engineering Design, Inc. need to be bound by an appropriate nondisclosure agreement. It is very important that your intellectual property is clearly defined and is strictly protected. Call and speak with a representative today and take the first step in the product design and development process.